Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scrabulous, I Mean Lexulous, is Back!

I've blogged about my passion for Scrabulous before. And when those idiots at Hasbro sued the creators, I made my contention very clear. But now, the lawsuit has been dropped, and the game is back under its new name, Lexulous. Best of all, all users' statistics and games have been restored! Here is the new link:

Please let this be a lesson to every business out there. When a third party creates a product that breaks your brand copyright, don't react like a child. If they increase your exposure and revenue, embrace them with open arms! Don't be the next Hasbro.


Anonymous said...

Great post Zak - couldn't agree more. Any idea why they chose "Lex" to replace "Scrab" in the name??

Zaid Rasid said...

Glad you got your game back. I think it's a tough call for Hasboro to make though. I wouldn't want my idea to be used by some random developer or company to make profit. I would have bought them out. It will be interesting to see if Lexulous makes a comeback?

Zakir Hemraj said...

Andrew - I'm sure they chose "Lex" because of an agreement they had with Hasbro. I've also noticed that the tile values and board layout is slightly different - probably for the same reason.

Zye - How tough of a call is it when your sales and popularity are going through the roof? They just got cocky and thought they could hog all the benefits by creating their own app. Too bad they didn't understand something called user loyalty.

Zaid Rasid said...

For sure, if their actual game board sales went up then they should of handled it better.

There is a Scrabble App for the iPhone but I haven't tried it. I wonder why their own Scrabble apps never do as well as other versions of Scrabble?

Guess you can't really predict market behavior:)

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