Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Getting Real

I recently finished reading Getting Real, which is written by the geniuses at 37signals.  This book basically talks about re-thinking the approach developers take in building web applications; with an emphasis on focus and simplicity.  My favorite quote from the book is: "It's not brain surgery, it's a web app."  I know it sounds cliche, but this is so important.  One of the advantages we have in developing web applications (vs. bundled software or any any other product, really) is that there is only one copy of the product; your clients come to you... you don't distribute or mass-produce anything.  This means that you have the ability to change on the fly, and be completely agile.  Getting Real addresses this fact and preaches that we should harness this advantage to it's utmost potential.  There is no point in trying to build something that is all things to all people.  Rather, try and build something that does one thing really well!  If you're ever going to have your hands involved in developing a web app, read this book! Seriously!