Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Full Circle

I visisted my alma mater this past weekend for a couple reasons:

The first was to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. There is no better place then a university town to celebrate this ridiculous holiday, and completely let loose. Although I'm a Queen's alumni, I still have many friends there who are more then hospitable when I decide to pay a visit. Without those friends, I think it would be a little awkward, and I'd just be the "old-guy-on-campus" :P

On a more serious note, the second reason I visited Queen's this weekend was to attend the annual Engineering Iron Ring Ceremony. For those of you who are avid readers of my blog (and I know there aren't that many), my first post ever was based on this very same event, exactly one year ago. To summarize, ALL CANADIAN ENGINEERS WEAR IRON RINGS ON THEIR PINKY FINGER, and this ceremony is a where they receive it. If you read my post from then you'll see that i was a little reluctant and indifferent (silly me). The ceremony is very cultish, and isn't open to the public (you basically have to have a ring to get in). What made this event so special was the fact that I actually got to "ring" a good friend of mine...it was a refreshing moment that replenished my love for the engineering community.

Since this event was the anniversay of my first blog post, it forced me to look back over the past year, and realize how much things have changed. For one, I was receiving the ring last year, and was 'giving' it this year. But foremost, I have to acknowledge how much my perspective on life has changed. Unlike last year, my thirst for knowledge and drive to succeed is uncontainable...and this has improved every aspect of my life!

Thanks you Queen's! Thank you Engineerng!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Inconceivable Sanctuary

Don't laugh...but do you ever find that some of your best thoughts come to you while you're in the bathroom? Whether it's at work, school, or even at home...a few minutes in the can always seems to clear my mind and stimulate great thoughts. I've solved intellectual predicaments and even pondered about philosophical dilemmas...seriously. My theory on this is, when you're in the bathroom, it's a true feeling of escape from the rest of the world. Not only are you in your own 'space', but you're also cognisant of the fact that it’s completely acceptable. What I mean by this is, no matter how busy you are, or what situation you're in...the world will always give you a few minutes to go to the bathroom...because it would be inhumane not to. Knowing that, (you're in a true escape), it's a lot easier to let your mind free from the pressures of everyday life...This, I believe, is what triggers clear and concise thinking.

Maybe I'm just crazy...

Monday, March 05, 2007


Have you ever had the urge to create something, and then said to yourself "all the good ideas are taken". As an engineer/developer, this is probably the most dangerous mentality to have. The most succesful people in the world have learnt to throw away this ideology. Ofcourse, as the world evolves technologically at a such a rapid rate, many great ideas will be taken. But what we have to understand is, with everything that's invented (whether it's technical or not), more oppoortunites arise to be innovative...and as engineers we must always strive to be innovative.

In short, there is no reason to be afraid to create. Possibilities are endless.