Saturday, December 27, 2008

Zeitgeist and The Venus Project

Have you ever watched Zeitgeist or Zeitgeist Addendum? If not, these mind-blowing documentaries will surely make you question a lot of things, including religion and politics. They are both available for free download here. The first movie, Zeitgeist, argues the following:
  1. Christianity is a myth that builds on past religions and beliefs (i.e. Jesus didn't exist)
  2. 9-11 was an inside job that was used to push the United States' own agenda
  3. Corporations, including the Federal Reserve, are the real people running the world, not governments.
I know that sounds like a lot of ground to cover for a single film, but the creators did an amazing job of weaving things together. I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories either, but the manner in which the film presented its points made me watch in utter concentration.

The second film, Zeitgeist Addendum, focuses more on the 3rd argument put forward by its predecessor. It deconstructs the economic system piece by piece, and exposes its absurdity.
I'm not going to delve into the above arguments, because I truly think it is worth everyone's time to watch both films in their entirety. Let me re-emphasize that they are available for free... you have no excuse.

What I am going to talk about though, is The Venus Project. This was regarded to as the solution to world corruption in Zeitgeist Addendum. In a nutshell, this project is a proposal for a new social structure. It is based on these fundamental premises:
  1. There is no money/currency
  2. There is no government
  3. The focus of humanity is on science, technology, and smart utilization of the Earth's resources.
It sounds utopian, I know, but you have to look at with an open mind. Jacque Fresco, founder of the Venus Project, argues in Zeitgest Addendum that there are enough resources (including energy sources) for everyone in the world to live well. The only thing stopping us from making this a reality are financial/political/religious barriers that have been falsely created by society in the first place. He is an amazing person to listen to, and you can check out his YouTube Channel for more. Here's an interview with Jacque from 1974!

Once again, check out the Zeitgeist films if you haven't already. If you become as influenced as I am, then go ahead and join the movement.


smartart said...

We are the Ape Confused by Language. With a fair wind you can elevate the Cerebral Ape but the Animal (visceral) one - moulded over evolutionary time, and VEHICLE of the former - will bring you down to earth.

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