Saturday, March 18, 2006

The beginning of the end......or the end of the beginning?

Here I am...21 years old, and writing my first ever post to a blog. Why now? Why with 1 month until the end of my last year at Queen's University? Well, the answer is......Inspired by a friend who is a constant blogger, I read one of his posts and felt like it was about time to let the world know how I see things thorugh my eyes.

I am a forth year computer engineering student who is graduating with honors...but jobless. The last four years have been filled with so many obstacles, but equally as many good times, friends, and achievments.

When we leave high school with "good" marks, scholorships, and all that great stuff that parents' dreams are made of... they tell us that everything is going to be ok... that the institutionalized world of university which we are entering will bring us so much opportunity and happiness... and the truth is... it can. But the problem is, everyone's definition of happiness varies so much, that we all say it so blindly.... I guess what I'm trying to get at is... am I happy?

Tomorrow marks a very special event in my life...or at least its supposed to. It's my Iron Ring Ceremony. The Ceremony that defines your four years (or more) of hard work towards the beloved engineering undergred degree. The ring is hyped from the moment we walk through the walls of this institution, and never fails to be the topic of interest in many engineering ethics classes. They tell you it is the symbol of everything you've been through. The symbol that shows you are an ethical engineer, who will always pride yourself in your work. Why then, am I not that excited? The ring that would make me bow down in its presence 4 years ago, is now just another accessary in my mind. Is it because I don't want to accept the fact that I am done here...that my real life begins now. Or is it because I have just stopped caring? Or simply put, has it just not hit me yet?... I guess I'll find out tomorrow at 3:30.

respect for reading,


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